Darlington and District School of Motoring
Darlington and District School of Motoring

Customer Satisfaction


I (Dave - the Boss) believe in some basic ideals which would make me happy as a customer and make me feel that I was in good hands:

  • WE will always strive to be on time, if WE are late for a lesson then WE will always offer the missed time added on somewhere else.
  • WE will always finish on time, no finishing a lesson ten minutes early.
  • Lessons will consist of driving, not endless talking parked by the roadside. There are lessons to be delivered of course so there has to be some static time.
  • WE will explain the reasons why we do things on the road, so you have the proper understanding, so you are fully prepared to make your own driving decisions when the time comes.
  • You will always be safe, you will never be placed in a dangerous situation and WE will assist you where necessary, using dual controls.
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