Darlington and District School of Motoring
Darlington and District School of Motoring

Driving School Prices

We Operate different ways of Pricing to suit your needs:

For Intensive course details see the next page

£24 per hour standard rate.

First - Pay as you go - at £24 per hour - about half of all students opt for this, doing a 2 hour lesson each week, - and usually the theory test will be studied for and passed in the first 4 - 6 weeks. SPECIAL OFFER = When on Pay as you go and you do not cancel a lesson in the first ten hours, you will then receive a half price hour.

Second. £220 for a 10 hour Block Booking.

 Also there is a combination of these, where a student does pay as you go until the theory is passed, and then a test can be booked which allows a more intensive run up to the test, and because we know how many hours are still required and when they need to be done a block booking makes a lot of sense.  See Intensive course details on the next page

Everyone is different, and a price plan can be worked out to suit your personal circumstances and requirements.

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