Darlington and District School of Motoring
Darlington and District School of Motoring

Driving School Photo Gallery,

Just a few of our happy new drivers.

Some happy customers agree to let their photo be shown on this website, proudly showing off.

Many choose not to, which is also fine.

Have a look at who has recently passed, you might know someone.!

The wordings are actual quotes from students, I ask them what they think and ask if I can put their words on my site.

Well one Alfie. Thats it now till you are 70.
All the best dave and THANKS!!!
Great stuff HELEN. I knew you would sort it.
Well that it now, no more walking about. Ha !!
Well done JORDAN. I am very pleased.
Thanks Dave. Thats it now, Im mobile. Thanks again, great lessons!!
SAMANTHA, really well done.
Thanks Dave. Oh My God !!!!!
LUKE, a bril first time PASS. Did it in style buddy.
Really pleased. I could have blown it but I just kept my cool head on. Thanks dave.
Well done Victoria, I am really pleased. A great PASS.
Thanks dave. I just kept cool and as you always say just keep going. x
Brillianr result Amy J.
I am so pleased. You helped me so much. Really thanks so much x
Well Done Amy.
Im really really pleased lol
OLIVER, A really great result.
Chuffed to bits Dave. Thanks for your patience!!
BEN, great result. Well done.
I am really pleased. I wont do anything daft on the roads.
BRANDON, you made it all look so easy.First time PASS
Thanks Dave.

Well you got one or two messages on facebook, mainly Congratulations.

PATRICK, excellent, you didn't waste any time getting through your test.
Done, Im so pleased I didn't have to suffer the pain of a retake.
ALISHA, brilliant stuff. A really good PASS
Thanks Dave. You have got both me and my sister through the test. Amazing. x
SIMON, well done, really impressed. Stayed cool as a cucumber.
Thanks Dave. We got through it no problems.
Alice, how good was that? Well done
Like you said, no worries doing the test in my own car, probably made it easier for me.

Yes, and when the examiner sees there are no pedals for them, they take you on the easier route, methinks.

Hey CHRIS, brilliant, a superb PASS
Many thanks Dave. What can I say !!

You have got lots of great comments on facebook Chris. Great stuff.

ZITA.Well done. Im really pleased for you!!
Thanks Dave

Yep. Keep it brief lol

PAUL, brilliant. Made it look easy.
Thanks Dave. I can relax now !
JEN, brilliant, 4 minors. See you on Pass Plus
A big thanks to everyone who has texted etc, massive thanks to dave x
BECCA. A bril first time PASS. You were a great student. Sorry about the photo, whatever i do it wont go straight.
I hope you enjoyed that bottle of plonk I got you, thanks, I had a good time.
Vicki. Great stuff. First time Pass.
Awesome. L plates are in the boot.
BETH, smashing result, only 3 minors. How was it ?

Ha, great stuff. Your facebook has gone mental.

RYAN, well done buddy. First time pass, easy.
Thanks Dave, Im really pleased i was pointed in your direction, thanks.
BRONYA, what can I say - you sailed through it.
I thought I had messed up though. You were much better than my previous instructor.
Well then JO, now you have it - took a couple of goes though
At last, now I can relax. FREEDOM lol x
JOHN, fantastic. A great PASS.
Really great Dave, thanks for your help in getting me through it.
MICHELLE, so pleased on a great PASS. Almost a perfect drive, 2 minors out of 3 got in the final couple of minutes.
Im so pleased I can do what I want now, go where I want, when I want. No more relying on lifts.
Jo, great PASS, you said you had a couple of dodgy moments though lol x
I thought I had failed, but im so thrilled. I had to get out of the car when he said I passed, I was so stressed out lol
Great FIRST TIME PASS, James. Well done. Surprised isn't the right word, stunned more like !
I cant believe it, it's real. Like you say " you can have as many degrees as you like, but if you cant get to work !!"
Passed, How bril is that Michael? Its a great feeling once its over hey ?
Im so glad thats done with, I have never been so chewed up inside, It was all worth it in the end. I had a touch and go moment but like you said - keep going.
Ben, A great Pass, really pleased. You were a brill student. Well done.
Im really pleased, It wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Yeah Ben, I did a good job on you ha!

PHOEBE, FIRST TIME PASS, lets shout it lol.
Thank you so much for getting me through my test, wouldn't have been able to do it without your help. Waahooooooo xx

Ha, and like I said, keep going, its not over till its over, and that parking fiasco you had could have been curtains for you, but you kept going.

KAYLEIGH, fantastic. What a great pass. super well done.
Many thanks Dave. Im really pleased. I really didn't think I could do it. xx

No worries, I knew you had the quality, all we needed to do was get you well practised.

Hey SANDRA, first time Pass. Superb
It was great. Im really pleased. Thank you again,.
JACK, smashing result. Well passed.
Cheers Dave. It was ok in the end. I thought the examiner was alright as well.
MARK, now then!! First time, bet you didn't expect that ha
Dave, you are a GOD. It hasn't sunk in yet.
Brilliant SOPHIE, First time, just like we thought, quietly confident.
Im so pleased, I cant believe it, I thought I had failed but kept going like you said, and I passed, yeay x
So, TONI, i think you made it look so easy.
Thanks Dave, I know this sounds a bit corny, but you believed in me, and you said to just keep going, dont worry if something doesn't go right, and it paid off. Wow xx
Hey ANTONIO, brilliant, well done.
Im really pleased, a really good drive, Im feeling that you looked after me and we sorted it.
SARAH, well done, 4 minors.
I cant believe it. My manoeuvre was terrible and I really thought I had blown it.

Its not over till its over, so you just kept going, kept your head down and got on with it.

Pass Plus is booked thanks x

Michelle, a great Fiest time pass, one of the best drives this year.
Thanks Dave, I could hear your voice in my head all the way round, it was a bit scarey but we did it.
Great First Time Pass Danielle.
Whoop Whoop, best driving instructor ever.
INGRID, 2 minors, first time Pass, how good is that??
I had that horrid Reverse Park, but pulled it off ok, you gave me the confidence boost I needed.
Bryoney, how good was that, ? excellent
Well dave, what can I say? I thought i had blown it on the turn in the road, my favourite too, but fortunately the nice examiner man could tell that I could drive really x
RICHARD, you are on the road now, well done!!
You were right Dave when you said " Its not over till its over " cos I was convinced I had failed when I saw her marking the sheet .

Yeah but there are all sorts of bits and pieces on the sheet that need to be ticked off during the test, take no notice of it ha!

First Time SARAH, bril
Thanks dave, it hasn't really sunk in yet. Pass Plus next xx
Holly, great result, and many thanks for the facebook tags
I just got my licence through the post, many thanks to you Dave, I was convinced that I had blown it on that roundabout but I kept calm, kept going, just like you taught me, and I PASSED, wow.
Ha LIAM, big day for you, well done buddy.
Fabulous, really, many thanks Dave, you are class.
Great Stuff ANTHONY, second time result, well done.
I needed that, I can get a pay rise now ha!
AMY, first time PASS, Im so pleased.
Im really pleased that I ditched that other instructor, you are way better
PHOEBE, wow, first time PASS, Im really pleased for you.
Im in shock, I thought I had failed, but the nice examiner man could tell I was nervous.

Many thanks Dave, wow, what can I say?

Thank you Dave, mainly for allowing me to get my confidence back.
Kristie, well done. it was just a matter of time before the examiner came round to our way of thinking.
The test was just like going for a normal drive, I felt comfortable.
MIRANDA, how good was that!! First time.
One minor, thank you Dave. You believed in me.

I couldn't have done it without you, Im really really pleased. 

FLOSS, thats amazing, really great PASS, well done FLOSS
Here's my quote Dave, "I couldn't have done it without you"

Thanks Floss, pleasure doin business

Only 5 minors, a great result KARL, well done!
I;m gonna see about that Pass Plus, maybe get some money off the insurance.

The rain came lashing down, it was hammering on the windscreen.

Brilliant HANNAH, well done
I switched to you and passed really quick. Now I can drive my Princess
Well done HANNAH. A really great FIRST TIME PASS
I thought I had blown it but I held it together, OMG !!
Really well done HOLLY, first time PASS, are you still in shock? Are you part of the DDSM fan club then?
OMG!! I am stunned, Yes I'm a big fan. lol.

See you for that Pass Plus soon x

Happy Days Sam, keep driving like that and you will be safe and sound.
"You are a good Instructor Dave, I will have a look at that Pass Plus and get back to you"

We decided that I had a good chance of passing the test, so why not have a go - ? You can always take another if you dont pass.!!

ADAM, nice one. I thought you were a bit nervous but you pulled it off, well done buddy.
Thought I had failed when that Taxi crowded me, but thanks to your training Dave I was able to get away from it with some nifty gear work.

You will be seeing me again once Im ready to get a car, for that Pass Plus.

First time, you smashed it Bud, now you can drive that car you have been working on, good job well done!
All I can say is thanks, I can think of 2 customers coming your way soon.
Excellent Mandip, 2 minors and a First time pass.
Thanks Dave, give me some of your cards so I can pass them to my friends.
Wow, Milo, you pulled it together and thats a well deserved FIRST TIME pass
Thanks Dave, what can I say?, we did it, you are my 3rd driving Instructor and you are definitely the best.
Brilliant, FIRST TIME, Im very proud of you Millie.
I cant believe it, Im so pleased.
Excellent First Time Pass
2 minors, not too bad.
Cheers Bud, the pressure was on, Im so relieved.
2 Minors THOMAS, thats quite rare, well done
Cheers Dave, you are a really good teacher.
Great Pass BEN, you really improved massively
Thanks for helping me Pass, now looking forward to the Pass Plus!!
Good result, James, nice safe driver
Perseverence is the key, its worth it.
Brilliant. Second time PASS, all the best drivers take 2 goes !!
Good job Ian, well done

I messed up the first one but we sorted it, thanks Dave

Excellent First Time Pass Hannah
Im really pleased I only got 2 minors. Thank you Dave. Im really pleased. Im gonna do Pass Plus next.
David. Well done. First time pass
as expected, only 2 minors as well. Good job, well done.
Great PASS Andrew, cool calm and collected.
Thanks Dave, I had a really good time learning with you.
Happy days, well done Gemma
we are all really happy, thanks Dave xx
Great stuff Demi. Very nervous, but very well done!!
I just need to get my dad to buy me a car now, and get some pass plus done.
Well done Biancha!!
We knew you could drive, it was just about getting the examiner to see that too .
Well done Dave, very pleased to see you so happy.
"Thank you at DDSM, you have the patience of a saint "

"If you thought I was hard work, then wait till you see my brother lol ha"

Well done James, only 3 minors
Thanks Dave. I was very impressed by your attitude. I felt that my success on Test was your only concern. Many thanks again.
Well done Matthew
Got your keys to your future

Thanks Dave, if any of my friends want driving lessons in darlington, I will recommend you,


Isabella, well done.
Well done Isabella, first time pass.
Well done Rees, on a First time pass
3 weeks ago I was in a car park knowing nothing, now I'm driving my own car
Nice one, Mark

"Im very pleased, you were there for me on time, all the time, - very professional.  Thanks.

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