Darlington and District School of Motoring
Darlington and District School of Motoring

Customer References: Comments from Customers

Most comments are with the pics in the photo gallery.

Dave ( Darlington):  I was really nervous, I had failed a couple of times previously and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.  You gave me a bit of a kick up the backside and I switched on and passed, thanks again. 

Esther (Darlington) :  Many thanks, couldn't have done it without you, see you soon for Pass Plus.

Rees (Darlington) ;  I wasn't sure about the intensive idea, but Im passed in 3 weeks so it must be ok.

Eve ( Darlington) : I had 2 Instructors before Dave, didn't seem to progress much - Dave made driving easy and I felt like I was learning so much.

Matthew ( Darlington ): I didn't pass first time, I was so close, but it was only because I lost my concentration.  Got it on the second try though.  Pass Plus for some motorway action next I think.  Cheers Dave.

Gary (Darlington) : I had heard some horror stories from friends about their instructors, but Dave has been great.  Always on time, - well once there was a diary mix up and he took the blame, but it was my bad really - lol.

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