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Hi, An Intensive course takes between 2 weeks and 4 weeks normally, of a couple of hours per day.  I DO NOT DO FULL TIME, ALL DAY INTENSIVE COURSES - The Student will be brain dead after a full day!!

Theory needs to have been done already because the waiting list for a Driving Test can often be 4 weeks -so to do a course of a month long with a test at the end, that theory test needs to be passed before you start

You cannot book a driving test without passing the Theory first.    

So:  first you pass your Theory, costs £25

       then we book the driving test, costs £62

       then build the course in the weeks leading up to it   

       Its a block booking so the price is £22 per hour   PAID IN FULL AT THE START


How many hours depends on what training you already have.


Once you start the course, having paid, you are committed to completing the course.

If you decide to pull out of the course, that would be a bit mad because you wont get a refund.

( no-one has ever pulled out of a intensive course yet,)


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